It is our responsibility as adults, teacher / educator to flush these multiple implicit ways and perhaps to try to seize some bits.

The school can repair a little, a lot. At present, the success in the children’s school seems to be modeled on the “success” social parents and thus reproduce the social model. This is because the company has its turf, securely locked, clearly and explicitly (assessments, programs support
and progressions, authoritarian hierarchy …) but mostly implicit multiple ways and are the ones who ask me.

Also the school as currently seems to be a lock. Not because the institutional structure (ministry, relay inspections) was decided but because the school system does not get any better structurally. What valid consequently and obviously the social order by first sorting school. It is our responsibility as adults, teacher / educator to flush these multiple implicit ways and perhaps to try to seize some bits.

Freinet class can be this place of culture, knowledge building but obviously can not substitute for the living environment of the child. This is why the work of explicit institutional and weaving social ties between members of the city around the child seems to be a key to the development of the child and therefore its entry into learning and its appropriation of knowledge.

I like the phrase Freinet that after mentioning the desire to learn in “said Mathieu,” says: “… with a bit of confidence and a favorable environment to work, the child would go up at the end of the world. “ Print Add comment
By Claude Beaunis the 26/08/13 – 11:36 In: Congress conference newspaper> workshop Languages> Esperanto Esperanto … … .A communication Yves NICOLAS want to exchange, need to communicate.?

Love of learning, but easily? One solution: Esperanto, the universal language, which belongs to no one, simple to use. Created in 1859 by Zamenhof, Russian Jewish doctor living in Poland to meet the communication challenges of the fifteen communities in the city where he lived, this language is based on only sixteen grammatical rules without exception.

Cartesian structure where each letter is pronounced, each sound corresponds to a letter in which the words are constructed from a single unvarying radical whose termination indicates that it is a noun, an adjective, to an adverb, a plural, a COD … Although his teaching has no official recognition in France, Esperanto is sometimes used by teachers for international correspondence. This is for those Marseilles Elementary students who exchange with classes of Japan and Brazil … in Esperanto.

Esperanto breeze political and cultural boundaries. Its speakers spread around the world continue to enjoy. International meetings, home networks, conferences, internet … are all ways to practice the language and reach out to others. “Mi estas Sylvie mid Logas in Nantes” … in just two hours, I was able to grasp the construction of words and speak in a language I had never spoken. Yes, but how to learn?

In books, on the site, in the meetings … Esperantists. Want to go further ? GIS revido! GIS baldau! Saluton!

Sylvie Chauveau Group CELESTIN 44 Print Add Comment Ortografia eraro By Visitor, 12/22/14 – 20:50. Saluton La Gusta retadreso estas: Do forgesu mencii Amike, answer few resources especially for children Per Visitor, 20/01/15 – 21:55. Saluton! Teacher in elementary school , I spoke a bit of Esperanto in class, really randomly spontaneous discussion.

I was incredibly surprised how well students are interested! In fact it is their interest to me personally decided … to learn the language! I can – unfortunately – not teach Esperanto in class … But I just create a site, “The Lernejeto” (small school) that includes a lot of useful multimedia resources “komencantoj”. See in particular the “first steps”.

Kooperativajn salutojn! Jeff (and bravo for your captcha, which is aesthetic and legible: it changes) meet
Search Keyword With all motsAvec expression exacteAvec motsSans at least one of the words Options: Back to results Guided search Click a term to narrow your search: Subject language (1) Audience For Teachers (8) Pedagogy pedagogical Principles (1) Subject: linguistic Review, series collection Educator (7) Breach (1) CEL Edition (8) Author Alain Eyquem (1) Aristide Beruard (1) Francois Sebastianoff (1) Patrick Hetier (1) Paul Le Bohec (1) more …

Support journal (8) publication date 1970 (1) 1971 (1) 1972 (3) 1973 (1) 1978 (1) 1980 (1)
2 Results Moi! For 2017-2018 School Victor Hugo Dunkirk on 26/11/17 – 1:31 p.m. The class GST-PS 39 2017-2018 attachments Ecole Victor Hugo Dunkirk – Moi! By Ecole Victor Hugo Dunkirk on 11/10/18 – 11:52 p.m.

2017-2018 Add Comment
2 Results Tatex By Andre Laffont on 19/02/16 – 11:02 p.m. In Region Central East> GD 42 – small Loire Announces Science and Techno educational tool Techniques> Tools> File FILE “TATEX” Add new comment Read more 5 attachments Workshop: Cooperation and trial and error technology: swings by Claude Beaunis on 22/08/13 – 5:25 p.m. in Region Central East> GD 42 – Loire newspaper congress Convention Science and Techno> technology Principles teaching> teaching Principles cooperation> experimental trial and error Add comment Read more

1 result Results Training ICEM GD42 November 2010 – out of curiosity – Hiking – Walk mathematical – boxes middle by Jean-Luc Verilhac the 05/12/10 – 11:16 p.m. In Region Central East> GD 42 – Loire French report Internship EPS history-Geo new Math Educ was published on the topic: The output curiosity Add comment Read more

1 result Results Training ICEM GD42 November 2010 – out of curiosity – Hiking – Walk mathematical – boxes middle by Jean-Luc Verilhac the 05/12/10 – 11:16 p.m. In Region Central East> GD 42 – Loire French report Internship EPS history-Geo new Math Educ was published on the topic: The output curiosity Add comment Read more
By Katina Ieremiadis on 04/01/11 – 2:31 p.m.

In: Arts> Visual Arts Teaching Techniques> Classroom Organization> Life Class Paths …. Items Available Titles Titles Embroidery (mother-CP) Exposure extraordinary (street shops) imaginary paths (mother) roads (mother) All bike (mother) on the way back (mother) the big book of mazes (mother) Minos is wrong and These you (elementary) the sound workshops pierced Hat the path of sculptures in Gigondas (mother) A common impulse toward land art in Coutouvre (elementary) Way touch (native) One year of visual arts (elementary) Walking-the diary of students ‘dance studio (high school) red son of Saint-Amand (adults) Thibaud The trombone (college) A journey in fine arts (elementary) ideas that make their way (mother) Small inner labyrinth (and I I.ME .T.E.P) Passages (mother) Images of water (kindergarten) Artists Bibliography Useful links Testimonials Working on a particular theme Add Comment

By Katina Ieremiadis on 04/01/11 – 2:30 p.m. In: Arts> Visual Arts Teaching Techniques> class organization> life of the Performing Arts class items available Hide and Seek pigs (Native) Theater, The tree that public service gives life (mother) Trajicomedia Don Cristobal y Senora Rosita (college) A theater moved into our neighborhood (elementary) and communication is shadow show (kindergarten) Gaia, pantomime box smiles, sighs box the Mary logbook, (high school) Music, theater Small pocket theater (College) the Princess and the frog (mother) the theater school (college) good and evil (all levels) children’s Village (mother ) a sculpture to sound and danced creations (mother) Artists Company of the storm Company Theater Company Chalk artist Proof Theater Labaraque Bibliography – creations 5: article “Erhard Sti fel and masks “- Creations 5: article” A theater festival of teenagers. ” – Creations No.

44 – 1989: Article Clowns – Creations No. 49: article “Performance-poetry” and “Pinocchio” – creations No. 50: Articles “Shadows: body game show” and “show at school “- creations n ° 63 – Special Theater March – April – May 1994 – the New Educator No. 59 – From the free expression in dramatic play and theater in May 1994 – the New Educator No.

121- Theater: change our representations September 2000 useful links Discussion: the relationship between theater and life (CP class – Teacher / Daniel Gostain) Testimonials Job Resources on a particular theme Add comment
Results from 1661 to 1666 from 1666 results In Freedom: children’s art childlike art CEL albums Album For pupils Arts> Visual Arts French> Scripture-reading Freedom More Sorcerer tree In: children’s art Art childish CEL Albums To album students the Arts> visual Arts French> Scripture-reading the sorcerer tree About “the sorcerer’s tree” see the childish art Article No.

46 more to the sun of life in: children’s art art childish CEL albums for album Arts students> Arts French> Scripture-reading the great sun of life more Journal: the ramparts in: for students> elementary school newspaper pedagogical Principles> communication> school newspaper pedagogical techniques> text free July 1930 Journal: the walls – Manager: Freinet July 1, 1930 Author: Freinet more Journal: the ramparts In: For students> eleme ntaire teaching Principles school newspaper> Communication> Teaching Techniques school newspaper> Text free May 1929 Journal: The walls – Manager: Freinet 15 May 1929 Author: Freinet More Our Life – Journal of the class Freinet Bar Sur Loup (1926 ) In: For students> elementary school newspaper History Geo> Geography Science and Techno> physical Sciences, chemistry French teaching Principles> communication> correspondence teaching Principles> communication> school newspaper pedagogical techniques> free text December 1926 Author: Freinet Read «first


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